ESL Business Tips: Do You Know Your Client? Part 2

I mentioned previously that it would be good to write down some information about your client rather than to keep it all up in your head. I find a lot of people just seem to only have the person’s name and phone number in their cell phone and that is about it. Perhaps they added them to facebook or some other social network. Really? That’s it?

If you meet lots of people all the time, I really can’t believe you will be able to retain all those little details you gathered overtime. Can you even remember what you ate for dinner last night? Seriously.

If you knew their birthday was coming, wouldn’t it be great to surprise them with warm wishes rather than finding out by them telling you? Take it a step further, if you knew what business they were in and the role they played at work, wouldn’t you then be able to develop your lessons plans around that line of business and cater to their goals more specifically?

If you know your clients and their needs, you will be able to better customize the lesson. We are living in a very competitive world. Showing that you care and understanding your client is critical.

I have prepared a VIP profile to help you get started. Make one every time you meet a new client. Show them you really care.

I orignally got this document from Darren Hardy. Check it out.

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ESL Business Lessons: SWOT Analysis

In this lesson, the student will discuss the SWOT analysis. You will go over the following points:

  • What is SWOT
  • The definitions of SWOT
  • The advantages and disadvantages of SWOT
  • Apply some projects to the SWOT analysis
  • Role-play either as a presentation or dissecting a prepared SWOT analysis

Please see here for the lesson plans:

Feedback always welcomed! Cheers!

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