I am currently accepting clients who wish to take lessons with me.

  • Lesson material will be from this site or you can prepare your own.
  • First 2 lessons are free of charge.
  • Walk away (cancel) whenever you like.
  • Final lesson is free of charge unless you would like to pay! Thank you!
  • Scheduling time is flexible.
  • Lesson duration ideally 1 hour but flexible.
  • Lesson will be done over Skype.
  • Easy payment can be made via local bank transfer in the US, Japan, and Singapore (no fees).
    • Outside of these countries, you will need to perform a wire transfer.

If you would like to take lessons, please contact me at and provide the following information:

  • Your name please
  • Country where you reside
  • When you would like to schedule a trial lesson
  • Any questions you may have

Please contact me if you have any general questions or further inquiries.

Hope to speak with you! Thank you.

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