ESL Business Power Up: Project Management Terms

Project Management Terms is an important aspect of planning successful projects in business. Here are some frequently used project management terms and jargon to help boost clients who deal with projects and the like. Let me know if you have any suggestions or corrections. Cheers!

Assumptions Scorecard BOSCARD Case Study
Constraints Cost Benefit Analysis Critical Success Factor Deliverable
Mitigation Dependencies Gantt Chart Milestone
Murphy’s Law Pareto Principle PEST Analysis RACI Chart
Risk Scope Sponsor Stakeholder
SWOT Analysis Cost Overrun Duration Estimation
Kickoff Meeting Initiating Planning Executing
Monitoring and Control Closing Operations Scope Creep
Consensus Contingency Integration Procurement
Implementation Knowledge base/areas Phase Post-Mortem Review
Product-Life Cycle Charter Quality Assurance Ramp Up/Down
Slack Subject Matter Expert (SME) Top-Down Estimating Accountability
Strategic Planning Establish Assessment Evaluation
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