ESL Business Talk: Brands

In this post, the discussion will about brands

  • Do you think branding is important? Why (not)?
  • Do you think brands are overrated? Why (not)?
  • What are some of your favorite brands? Why?
  • What are the top 3 bands do you think? Why?
    • Answer: Coca Cola, IBM, and Microsoft: Are you surprised? Why (not)?
    • Many of the famous brands are from the US? How do you feel? Why?
  • What does it take to make a brand famous?
    • Why are they so celebrated and respected?
    • Do you think logo designs are important? Why (not)?
    • Do you think slogans are important? Why (not)?
    • Do you think Word of Mouth is important? Why (not)?
  • How do brands become famous? How long does it take?
  • Do you trust brand names? Why (not)?
    • Do you trust generic products? Why (not)?
  • Do you think brands are a rip-off or do they deliver the value of cost?
    • Do you buy brands? Why (not)?
  • Do you think investing in brand companies just because they have a famous brand name is good choice? Why (not)?
  • Do brands die? Why?


  • Do you think people can be branded? Why (not)?
    • How would you brand yourself?
  • Do you agree with these points: Why (not)?
    • Become an expert on something related to your business
    • Establish a website or blog with your full name
    • Learn how to be a good source
    • Generate brand awareness through social networking
  • It is said that everyone is now self-employed (even if you work for a company). Do you agree with this concept? Why (not)?
  • Do you think business cards are important? Why (not)?
    • What should be said on a business card? Why?

Talked about Brands

Recommending Brands

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