ESL Business Talk: Entrepreneurship

In this post, the discussion is about entrepreneurship.

  • What does entrepreneur mean?
    • Do you agree with this definition: A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture.
    • Which language is entrepreneur derived from?
  • Do you think entrepreneurship is for everyone? Why (not)?
    • What does it take to be an entrepreneur? List some characteristics and explain why.
    • Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Why (not)?
  • Does GDP growth depend on entrepreneurs? Why (not)?
    • Do you think entrepreneurship is important for a country? Why (not)?
  • Should entrepreneurship be encourage? Why (not)?
    • Do schools provide enough education on this? Should they? Why (not)?
  • Does government provide support for startup companies? Is it enough? Why (not)?
    • Should startup companies get more tax breaks? Why (not)?
  • Are funds readily available for startups? Who should/will provide?
    • Do you think a startup with a cost of less than 100$ can be successful? Why (not)?
  • What makes a startup successful do you think?
  • What are some ways to start a business?
    • Do you think the internet has sped up startups?
  • Do you think social media is essential for new businesses? Why (not)?
    • Do you think monitoring social media and internet for feedback on your business is important? Why (not)?
  • Which is more important for a business: operations, sales, or marketing? Why?
  • Do you think business plans are critical for a startup? Why (not)?
    • How detailed should these be? Why (not)?
  • On average, how long do you think before a company is successful (in the black)? Why?
    • When should a startup pack-up and quit?
  • Do you think Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) are the way to go or should a business stay private? Why?
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