ESL Business Teacher Articles: Feedback

Feedback, it’s one of those things that you want to hear yet you have a hard time hearing, especially when it is not positive. People just want to hear what they want to and that’s usually just the good stuff.

However, we should remind ourselves that this is simply just information. In the end it is up to us to do something with that information. The least we can do is acknowledge the feedback and advice we receive.

When we give feedback, we hope the other person is listening and is willing to give it a try. There are various types of techniques on giving such advice to help create opportunities so the other person listens. Granted people have varying personalities such as one’s ego can hinder them from listening but our delivery of the message can help us get across to them.

In this lesson, we discuss with the client about:

  • What is feedback
  • Why should we give and listen to it
  • Varying techniques
  • What should we do when employees do not acknowledge or try to change
  • Discuss the article – takeaways, agree/disagree, and etc.

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