ESL Business Teacher Articles: High Performance Habits

Brendon Burchard has written a good numbers of books that shine very brightly. He provides a lot of insight on how to be more successful in life. He has done hsi research and has learned from first hand experience on what it takes to make it in life. In his most recent book, High Performance Habits, he focus just on this. His team has done a very intensive study on what these are and shares with us. The challenge as with many books, is can you incorporate them into our daily life? Brendon shows us just how to do this.

In this lesson, we discuss with the client about:

  • What are the attributes of high performance habits
  • Why should we¬†consider these
  • How do we go about applying these daily
  • Discuss the article – takeaways, agree/disagree, and etc.

Download (DOCX, Unknown)

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