ESL Business Teacher Articles: Power of Giving

I have put together an article revolving around givers and takers. In this lesson, we again focus a bit more on the subject. Here the idea is the emphasis is placed more on the giving aspect. A leader is one who stands at the front of the group and hurls forward to set the example. When it comes to giving, a leader should apply this more so than taking. At the time of writing this, it is Christmas season. Many leaders of today also received gifts from those around them and they had a great affect on them and helped make them who they are today.

In this lesson, we discuss with the client about:

  • What are some gifts leaders today received that influenced them
  • Why should we give gifts
  • Why should we give rather than take
  • Discuss the article – takeaways, agree/disagree, and etc.

Download (DOCX, Unknown)

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