ESL PowerUp: Product Descriptors

Here are some adjectives to help boost your product appearance. Let me know if you have any suggestions or corrections. Cheers!

breathtaking dazzling mesmerizing eloquent
appealing attractive alluring fascinating
excellent unsurpassed paramount cool
trendy fashionable hip stellar
unique exclusive special different
effortless hassle-free user-friendly simplified
tremendous magnificent remarkable fabulous
handy functional ideal well-suited
improved superior refined enhanced
leading first-rate top-notch supreme
mouthwatering savory succulent tasty
innovative fresh inventive breakthrough
compelling persuasive extraordinary unimaginable
reliable dependable trustworthy steadfast
secure guaranteed distinctive rare
vivid vibrant brilliant incredible
amazing astonishing quick unsurpassed
crucial colossal mind blowing sizzling
delightful relaxing soothing desirable
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