ESL Business Post-Interview Discussion Lesson Plans

These are lessons based around managers talking about how’d the interview went and coming to a decision whther the candidate is a go or not.

Lesson Plans:

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ESL Business Org Chart Lesson Plans

When someone new joins the company, one the first things a manager wants covered is the organization chart of the department or section. Making sure the new employee is familiar with the names and titles is important, especially if the org chart is a global one.

Lesson Plans:

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ESL Business Office Directions Lesson Plans

The following lesson plans are based around giving directions in an office. The dialog is between a hiring manager and a new employee coming to the office for the first time. Please feel free to manipulate the lesson to enhance. Also let me know if you have any feedback. Cheers!


  • There is no Advanced lesson avaiable.

Lesson Plans:

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Lesson Rundown on How to Teach These Plans

Here is a sample lesson rundown of how I anticipate the lesson to go. Of course, you can adjust in anyway that pleases you as I have provided in word doc format.

  1. Open the lesson with the pre-task questions to warm-up the student on the topic.
  2. Utilize the photo by doing any of the following
    1. Having the student describe the photo.
    2. Asking the student indicate what each person is saying.
    3. Do a warm-up role-play.
    4. There are some questions provided to make it easier too.
  3. Read through the dialog as one of the characters. Reverse roles if you want to consume more time.
    1. Ask questions about vocabulary or phrases to ensure understanding.
    2. Questions provided for a comprehension check.
  4. Go through the practice drills to reinforce the learning of the dialog and topic.
    1. Make sure to adjust the lesson around the student.
  5. Perform a role-play. Reverse roles or try a different role-play if time allows.
  6. Homework provided if you want to hook your client to return.
  7. Additional material provided if relative to the lesson.
Feedback always welcomed for another material to be added or revised. I am looking for different speaking drills as currently I think the ones I have are not very adequate. Cheers!
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ESL Business Interviewing Lesson Plans

The following entry contains interviewing lesson plans for teachers. Please note these are live documents as I have trying to improve on these since they are my initial lessons. Let me know if you have any feedback.

The reason for the topic choice is that interviewing is where you start to initiate in a company.

Lesson Plans:
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What My Intentions Are

To kick off, thank you for taking the time to come here. The purpose and intentions of my blog is to create a resource for English teachers who give private lessons regarding business to students ranging from 40 minutes to 1 hour lessons. What I found when I tried to teach lessons was that there really wasn’t any material or plans out there that really relate to the real corporate world experience. I thought perhaps then I should create my own material based on my own experiences and share it with others.

These lesson plans are based on my own teaching experience from various ESL jobs in Japan and my previous experience working at an investment bank in the IT sector climbing to a management position for a number of years. Hopefully I have created content that is relative to the level of the student you are teaching. Do also note that for beginner students I expect some fundamental knowledge in English so make sure your students are prepared or look for another resource in the meantime until ready.

I have broken lessons into the following three categories, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Any feedback would be appreciated such as corrections, add-ons, ideas, revisions, and so on that better lessons plans can be constructed.

Thank you very much and I hope this will help you greatly!



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